Final Post

My complete thoughts of this course was very good and a very enjoyable class. I experienced everything that I thought I would experience in this course this year. During the year I enjoyed the self-guided format during the 2nd half of the year rather than the 1st half. I liked being able to decide which project I wanted to do and not have a time limit on when it had to be done. Also, I liked being able to be independent and make things on my own. You (Mr. Hensler) as an instructor I would rate you a 10 on a scale of 1-10 because, you know what you’re doing and can help with any question I have while I’m working on my projects or tutorials. Also, you explain everything with great detail where it makes everything that we’re doing very understandable. I personally don’t think anything in the course should be changed. I was very happy with the way the course went, I learned what I expected to and enjoyed it. With the information that I know now about all the adobe programs and how to make stuff I would defiantly take the course again because, I enjoy making posters and working with graphic stuff and this course was great!

New Tutorials


This is a sunlight tutorials where i learned how to take a dark picture and make it look like the sun was shining bright on it and cause a reflection. I did this tutorial in adobe illustrator.


This is my second tutorial for this week. In this tutorial I learned how to make an image look like it was in broken glass. I completed this tutorial in adobe illustrator

Project update


This is my new project. I made a new header for my website, using the background I learned how to make in one of my tutorials from last week.

New tutorials


This is my first tutorial I did for this week. In this tutorial I learned how to make an image to look similar to Leather


This is my second tutorial I did this week. I did the first half in Illustrator and the second half in photoshop. I made a background with shapes and bright colors with a rusty background.

New Tutorials


This is my first tutorial I made this week where I learned how to make things look like a reflection


This is my Second tutorial I learned how to make a grain texture background in Illustrator.